In 1992 Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida and destroyed most of the homes and businesses in Homestead and Florida City. COFFO's office, because of its location received minor damage and was operating three days after the storm.  A few days later for some unknown reason, FP&L  put and maintained a 60,000-watt generator behind it and connected it to COFFO’s main fuse box.  COFFO had electricity and phone service and established a phone bank where farmworker organizations could come in and use its resources. COFFO realized that while it was a state-wide organization it could not meet all needs of farmworkers and formed the South Dade Farmworker & Hispanic Disaster Relief Coordination Council.  A few years later after the community’s recovery, COFFO continued having meetings and changed the name of the SDFHDRCC to the Migrant Service Providers.  Presently its membership consists of 15 farmworker organizations of different disciplines and as many as 30 plus agencies that want to expand their service to farmworkers attend the meetings. 

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Meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month in the COFFO conference room or Centro Campesino,

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Meetings are held at the COFFO conference room building A at 778 West Palm Drive, Florida City, every third Wednesday of the month at 2:00 P.M.