How do immigrants that travel for weeks by foot to our borders looking for asylum and protection for their children get to Florida if they discover their child/children are here?

Maria and child Juanita faced retaliation from armed gangs in their native El Salvador after her husband was murdered and sought safety and asylum in our nation. Sadly, Maria's child and others like her were taken from her arms and sent thousands of miles to Homestead, Florida. Today, 74 children call the Homestead, Florida Detention Center home, but we know it's not home, it's a horrible assault on caring parents and their children.

Others help provide legal representation to Maria, helping her fight for asylum, but who helps Maria and hundreds of parents like her travel from Texas, New Mexico or California to Homestead after her release from ICE custody? 

Who helps a parent take a bus, find local shelter to once again hug their child?  With your help, the Coalition of Florida Farmworker Organizations can help unite these families.

  • Your contribution of $1,000 helps Maria from her point of detention to Homestead.
  • Your contribution of $500 helps provide room and board for the reunification.
  • Your contribution of $100 will help them get from Homestead to Miami to meet with legal counsel to go before a judge.

The Coalition of Florida Farmworker Organizations (COFFO) has facilitated meetings of the Migrant Service Providers for eleven (11) years and is comprised of organizations that advocate for social justice for migrant and seasonal farmworkers and for the rural socially and economically disadvantaged too.  COFFO has been in existence for 37 years and is the designated emergency assistance relief agency for farmworkers by the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity, formerly the Florida Department of Community Affairs.

COFFO's Executive Director is a member of several national boards, including the National Partnership of Farmworker and Rural Organizations, UNIDOSUS, the National Farmworker Alliance and the Housing Assistance Council. Association with these partners will help locate the parents of the children detained in the Homestead Center. He also sits on the boards of several local organizations, including the Miami Dade County of Agricultural Practices Advisory Board.

You can assist in uniting these families by making your contribution using Pay Pal, Credit Card or Checks payable to the COFFO Family Unification Fund. Your contribution is tax-deductible. 


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