As of May 1, 2020 COFFO  was able to serve 934 families with approximately 42 pounds of food. One box was of vegetables that we purchased from local growers and the other box was of non-perishable food items bought with donations. Total number of pounds distributed thus far is 32,690. The communities served were Everglades Community Center, the Merrit Place,  the South Dade Farmworker Center and the Homestead Housing Center. 

COFFO, would like to send our many thanks to  Miami Dade County, Office of Budget and Management who gave us a grant, and all the private donors and volunteers that helped us make this possible. There are still more to come.  Pending , is the Florida Harvest Center and Goulds Farmworker Housing Center. Your contribution is used to supplement the vegetables with non-perishable items  that serves the entire family. If you want to help make a difference, please donate below. We are also promoting the 2020 CENSUS.

Thank you.


Rural Neighborhoods (ECA)